Hello everyone and welcome to my humble site.


If your reading this then your probably thinking about getting a tattoo from me.

I would like to thank you in advance for giving me the honor of doing your tattoo. I will do my absolute best to make this an enjoyable experience and give you the tattoo of your dreams.

Having said that,  there are a few rules I have in place that i think everyone should know in advance.


  1. You must set an appointment. I am fortunate enough to have a pretty busy schedule so you must come well in advance of when you’re wanting to get tattooed. If you want it RIGHT NOW, I’m not the guy for you. Average wait time is about six weeks at the moment.
  2. You must leave a deposit. In order to set an appointment, (see rule 1) I take a $50.00 deposit, it is NOT refundable and it will hold your day and time. It will come off the price of your first sitting. If you No Call/No Show you will lose you deposit.
  3. Most projects will have a large portion of the artwork drawn directly on the skin. If this is the case there will be NO artwork to see before you’re sitting. Please don’t text me thirty-five times asking to see a sketch. If you love the work you see in my portfolio, you trust me, and you get a good vibe from our first meeting, let me do what I do. If I don’t feel good about what your ideas are, I’m going to tell you. I won’t do anything I think isn’t going to work.(see rule 7).
  4. No kids in the shop. I have a kid, i don’t even like him. ( just kidding he’s awesome, but even HE knows better.)
  5. Don’t bring an entourage. Having your wife,best friend etc. come with you is cool. Please don’t bring seven people to watch you cry while you’re getting your ribcage tattooed for 5 hours. My office isn’t that big.
  6. I can’t tattoo through clothes. If you’re not prepared to take some clothing off to get the side of your thigh done, you shouldn’t be getting tattooed to begin with. Wear something expendable so I don’t feel bad about ruining your favorite shirt.
  7. There are certain tattoos I don’t do. I should say certain TYPES I won’t do. No tribal, no sailor jerry/traditional,infinity signs, birds coming off of feathers, dandelions, etc. If you found your tattoo on pinterest, chances are, Im not doing it. Portraits/photorealism in color or black and gray, japanese, and fine line black and gray are my preferred styles to work in.
  8. No SMALL tattoos. What makes a small tattoo you ask? Pretty much anything less than a Half Sleeve, I’m not gonna touch. No offense but there are other people just as qualified as me to do that Browning logo(see rule 7) you’ve been wanting, I just choose not to do that kind of stuff.
  9. If your going to be watching movies or listening to music on your cell phone BRING HEADPHONES.
  10. Now for the one everybody hates – PRICE. Yes, Im expensive. How expensive? Depends on what you consider expensive when getting your tattoo done RIGHT the first time. Coverups exist because people were looking for a bargain to begin with. A good average is about $150.00 an hour. I work pretty fast depending on the project but you can estimate a full sleeve from me is about $3000.00. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It all depends on size, time, color or black and gray, etc. I will generally give you a solid figure before we start our first sitting, then you can break it  up into sittings from there. I typically do at least two hours minimum. I would prefer to do more but I’m very flexible.
  11. This last one isn’t so much a rule, just answering some of the standard questions  you might ask…..Yes it hurts, yes its gonna bleed, I’ve been tattooing for 22 years, no I don’t watch those fucking TV shows, no you can’t come in drunk, no i will not come to your house, I didn’t serve an apprenticeship, I’m not taking apprentices, and NO I don’t sell tattoo supplies.
  12. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. My main goal is to give my clients something they will love forever. Relax, have fun, and lets do some awesome tattoos.

One Response to “READ THIS FIRST”

  1. Frank D March 6, 2015 at 9:28 pm #

    I’ve used Eric in the past. I am a fan of your work to. I have some room left on my back that needs to be finished and played into what’s there. Don’t worry man nothing small. I have a very large Angel and a medium cross connecting. Need a baby angel prefer it tp be this picture of my daughter that I have to be the inspiration. 904-335-1994

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